Why TrailerSaver?

The TrailerSaver Difference

The TrailerSaver motto is the name says it all. For a good reason. We engineered the TrailerSaver air-ride hitch for more than just comfort. We set out to design a hitch that would increase the life and value of your 5th wheel trailer.

And we achieved it. The TrailerSaver air-ride hitch eliminates over 98% of the shock that travels from the road and straight into your trailer with every bump or pothole you hit. It’s like riding on air.

Why do you need an air-ride hitch?

The RV industry is notorious for placing emphasis on the trailer and tow vehicle. The hitch, however, the point that joins it all together, is treated as an afterthought.

That’s unfortunate. Because most trailer accidents and damage are a result of poorly designed trailer hitches. It’s one of the best-kept secrets in the RV industry. And the reason Hensley Mfg. came into existence over 20 years ago.

Where trailer sway is the biggest problem for the travel trailer owner, it is the bouncing and jouncing of the 5th wheel that drives many RVers into the more expensive motor home or out of RVing altogether.

Most of you will buy a truck capable of handling the GVWR and pin weight of your 5th wheel. But pin weight is a static load. And that’s where we run into trouble.

Remember the equation Force=Mass x Acceleration? When you’re sitting idle, the Force, or weight, is the advertised pin weight of your 5th wheel. Every time you hit a bump in the road, however, Acceleration can double, even triple. Your 1500lb. pin weight just jumped to 3000 or 4000 lbs.

That acceleration, or jarring, is what damages your trailer, truck, and contents, and sends you to the chiropractor after a long drive.

The solution? Air-ride. And not just a single air bag mounted behind the pin. The kind of force being exerted by your trailer needs a heavy-duty hitch and heavy-duty airbags. By mounting two air-bags below the hitch head, we allow the air-ride system to absorb both the up-down and fore-aft motion of the trailer and truck.

Our level pivot point design of the hitch itself is unique to the TrailerSaver. It ensures that the trailer can never pitch up and forward toward the tow vehicle, which can cause a loss of control. With the TrailerSaver, the forward motion is absorbed completely, never allowing the trailer to “push” the tow-vehicle.

The TrailerSaver Air-Ride 5th-Wheel hitch is built of solid steel, with a 4-way pivot head and jaws that completely encircle the king pin. It is simply the most rugged piece of towing equipment on the road today.

With TrailerSaver, you get a robust air-ride system, a solid, pivoting hitch head, and over a decade of flawless performance.

Give us a call today and find out why we say TrailerSaver…the name says it all!