Uncompromising Comfort

TrailerSaver isn’t simply an improvement on an old idea. We designed our air-ride hitches from the ground up. We engineered our TrailerSaver hitches to eliminate up to 98% of the bouncing and chucking–the fore and aft motion–of your 5th wheel trailer.

How did we accomplish this? Through a concept we call the Level Beam Design.

TS3 Uncompromising Comfort

The Level Beam Design places the pivot point of the hitch assembly level with the hitch head.

Why is this important?

Because all of the fore-aft motion, or chucking, of the trailer is forced up and slightly forward of the kingpin. A pivot point at any other location would cause a violent surge forward, possibly causing a loss of control. TrailerSaver is still the only company to employ a Level Beam Design. It’s why we continue to rate as that smoothest, most comfortable 5th wheel hitch on the road.

An available option to your TS3 hitch is the SmartAir leveling system. Simply set the SmartAir system to your desired ride height, and the airbags will automatically inflate to that level and maintain it until you change the setting. What could be simpler?

Smart Air

The SmartAir leveling system automatically inflates your air bags to your preferred level. All you have to do is hook up and go.

The SmartAir auto-leveling system.

Smart Art Leveling System