Short Bed Options

Product Description

Need an option for a short bed pickup? Hensley Mfg. offers a custom modified coupler that is perfectly compatible with the Reese Sidewinder, Revolution, Lippert Turning Point and Mor/Ryde Orbital pin boxes. These modified couplers will work with a standard pin box as well. This newer pin box technology allows hook up with a short bed truck, prevents turning at the kingpin and moves the pivot far enough back to allow 90 degrees of turning in the shortest truck bed's on the market. The best part about this system is that it does not require getting out of the vehicle to actuate, making it fully automatic.


  • The Hensley Mfg. Modified coupler are designed for use with the "universal wedge" as pictured. Wedges are not available from Hensley Mfg. **using rotating pin box with standard Hensley 5th wheel coupler can create a safety hazard**